Equidia is a subsidiary of PMU and attracts 3.3 million television viewers every month with its two television channels, Equidia Live and Equidia Life, launched in September 2011.


Equidia Life,
is the channel for equestrian sport, as well as for adventure and escape, with innovative programmes and reviews to attract the 37 million French viewers who are interested in horses.



Equidia Live,
is the channel that serves betting enthusiasts. It allows 1.7 million viewers to experience the races live and in high definition.


A TV offering complemented by a digital offering:

Equidia Play is an application for viewing or replaying Equidia Live and Equidia Life.

Equidia Live + is the second, intuitive mobile screen for bettors. It keeps them informed wherever and whenever they wish, and lets them not only view but also participate in the action, reacting live on social networks.

More than 62% of French people are familiar with the Equidia channels, which are watched by nearly 3 million viewers every month, 900,000 of whom are regular viewers.