Following a survey of employees on the expectations and goals they envisioned in terms of solidarity commitments, PMU restructured its approach to reflect these values and commitments.

Two main strategies thus emerged: promoting social proximity and supporting economic initiatives. A solidarity commitment approach was then set up, offering employees the opportunity to get involved in different ways.


In partnership with Pro Bono Lab, PMU offers employees the opportunity to share their knowledge and a day of their time to advise an association drawing upon their professional skills.

Pro Bono Lab puts together teams of volunteers to advise associations. These projects, called ‘Probono Missions’, enable social utility associations to access the skills they require in terms of marketing, communication, strategy, finance, HR, Web, law, etc. Since 2012, Pro Bono Lab has supported a hundred associations, drawing on 1,200 volunteers to perform more than 150 Probono Missions.

In 2014, together with Pro Bono Lab, PMU offered its employees the chance to put their skills at the service of two associations: Talents Optimistes, which helps students to enter the workforce, and UPTIH, which provides support to self-employed disabled workers.

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Find out more about Pro Bono Lab


PMU encourages employees who are already committed to an association to apply for financial support for a project of their choice. These projects must be in line with PMU’s solidarity commitment strategy.

In 2016, the panel (made up of 5 PMU employees and chaired by Xavier Hürstel) chose 4 projects:

Le Jury, composé de 5 collaborateurs PMU et présidé par Xavier Hürstel, a retenu en 2016, 4 projets :

Parentraide Cancer which offers socio-aesthetic workshops to parents of children with cancer

GIPS 95 which wishes to make climbing parachuting accessible to people with disabilities

– The chouette coop friends, who run a food cooperative for people in difficulty

– WHO, which organizes sports Olympiads for the inhabitants of the Gannat basin


PMU offers its employees the opportunity to support a young person through their studies and/or in their search for a job. Two associations meet these criteria:




Sport dans la Ville is the leading French association working on integration through sport. All the programmes it implements promote the social and professional integration of 5,000 young people enrolled in its 32 sports centres. Among the programmes developed by the Association, ‘Job dans la Ville’ is designed to help 850 young people aged 14 and over to succeed in their career orientation and professional growth, is of particular interest to PMU.
Find out more about Sport dans la Ville: www.sportdanslaville.com




Frateli develops and supervises the sponsorship of young scholarship students with high potential by professionals. Its goal is simple: to bring out the talents of underprivileged students by giving them tools, methods, access to a network and the confidence to achieve their potential. Find out more: www.frateli.org


In 2015, Fanny-Estelle Posvite, bronze medallist at the last World Judo Championships and at the 2016 European Judo Championships, joined PMU as a signatory of the Performance Pact set up by the Ministry of Urban Affairs, Youth and Sport in partnership with large companies to support high level sportsmen and women.

Fanny-Estelle Posvite / PMU
Crédit photo : P.RABOUIN/FFJUDO

Fanny-Estelle wears the company’s colours in competition and prepares for her professional retraining with a regular presence at PMU to discover the life of the company, particularly in the field of human resources, which she studies at the IUT in Grenoble.