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PMU, horse betting operator in Brazil

In December 2015, after three years of negotiations, PMU became the official operator of horse racing betting in Brazil. Its subsidiary, PMU Brasil, manages and markets horse racing betting, on behalf of Rio de Janeiro’s Jockey Club Brasileiro, at points of sale, online and by telephone. It also produces and distributes live racing images. Today, PMU Brasil operates a network of about 80 points of sale, a website  – www.pmubrasil.com.br – and a telephone betting platform. PMU Brasil proposes to bet on the Brazilian local races, as well as on the PMU offer and on the offer of certain North and South American racecourses. PMU Brasil launched in 2016 a Pariez SpOt bet called Barbadinha and will launch in 2017 a bet “Duel”. PMU Brasil has its own IT solution allowing a great reactivity in the IT evolutions of the company.

In Germany with German Tote

In August 2015, PMU became Germany’s leading horse racing betting operator through acquiring a majority holding of the German Tote, of which it was already a commercial partner. PMU’s mission in a country with a great equestrian tradition is to develop the point of sale network and diversify the race programme and betting offering to include French and international races, all for the benefit of the German horse racing industry.


Today, German Tote operates under a consolidated trademark, Wettstar, with a distribution network of approximately 80 points of sale. The  www.wettstar.com website provides access to the entire online offer. The German Tote launched in 2016 a Trifecta bet backing the PMU (Trio order) and a new formula rank betting. The German Tote is also responsible for organizing betting on racecourses in Germany. They have seen their equipment completely renewed in 2016 in order to allow a better efficiency and a better reception of the bettors on racecourse.

In Belgium with Eurotiercé

In 2013, PMU established its first BtoC venture abroad by becoming majority shareholder of the Belgian betting operator, Eurotiercé. This operator has been approved by the Gaming Commission and is a member of the European Pari Mutuel Association (EPMA). Eurotiercé offers its customers betting on Belgian, French and international horse races in compliance with the regulatory framework, ensuring the fairest possible returns for punters and horse racing associations. Eurotiercé is the only Belgian operator offering 100% pool betting on horse races.


Since May 2014, Eurotiercé offers an online sports betting offer.  Today, Eurotiercé has a distribution network of 17 branches and 42 bookshops as well as 3 points of sale on racecourses and a VIP point of sale. Eurotiercé has benefited since January 2017 from the exclusivity on the common mass with the PMU enabling it to be the only operator in Belgium to be able to offer PMU bets and especially Quinté +.


The French horse racing industry and the quality of its races are recognised throughout the world. Every year, more than 18,000 races are organised on French territory, two thirds of which are offered for betting by PMU.


In 1987, drawing upon its assets, PMU was one of the first operators worldwide to offer its services internationally and allow foreign partners to bet on French races through common pool betting. Today, PMU has 68 international partners in 49 countries, covering all of the continents.

Services offered ‘for export’…

Separate pool betting


PMU provides racing footage through its TV channel, Equidia, along with the necessary betting information via its specialised website, Infocentre. PMU’s partners offer their own range of bets on French races and calculate their own dividends.

Common pool betting


In addition to providing live images and associated data, PMU pools the bets registered within its partners’ territory with the French stakes. The partners are thus able to benefit from all or part of PMU’s betting offers and services. This is a ready-to-use offering and is immediately attractive to their bettors.

In 2016, more than one billion euros were registered abroad, ie nearly 12% of the PMU horse racing stakes.

…and ‘for import’

In order to offer betting on niche areas not covered by French races and to share great racing experiences with its bettors, PMU has since 1997 enriched its calendar with a selection of foreign races.

This is currently a rapidly growing area of activity: in 2016, PMU offered 3,771 foreign races from 23 different countries for betting, representing total stakes of 900 million Euros. In addition to the obvious interest for its customers, offering foreign races allows PMU to support the horse racing industry in other countries and to develop its export partnerships through genuine reciprocity. In the context of a common pool betting partnership, PMU provides its partners with benefits from this additional offering, subject to the agreement of the rights holders.