Understanding and responding to the expectations of bettors, while finding ways to attract new customers, are priorities for PMU. To achieve them is all about flexibility, listening and the capacity for innovation… provided it is useful for the company’s performance and effective for PMU customers.


PMU has made customer service a real force for listening and understanding the changing expectations and behaviour of its customers. In the interests of continuous improvement and to offer a range of services 24/7, PMU now use a collaborative assistance web-based platform. This tool complements the customer service offering (help provided online and by telephone), drawing upon the expertise of the most experienced punters. Bettors can thus interact on a dedicated forum and provide each other with responses.


PMU Lab, PMU’s development team dedicated to innovation for the benefit of its product offers and services, sprung from the idea of achieving performance innovation through grafting new uses to new technologies and encouraging experimentation. PMU Lab’s key function is to absorb ideas from expert collaborators, analyse customer needs and implement the latest technology to devise new service offerings for PMU, design them and test them with customers.

Proof of innovation

Hippodromes Club by PMU is a new 600m² space at the heart of Vincennes racetrack dedicated to innovation. Envisioned by Le Trot to accommodate VIP punters, it allows the latest PMU Lab innovations to be tested, with a specially created wall of giant screens broadcasting the races in progress, the odds and their real time updates, along with other useful information for the experienced bettors who frequent the venue. PMU Lab has also devised a new way of taking bets: integrating a screen and all the necessary technology into bistro tables to allow bars and restaurant customers to bet without having to go to the counter. A nice idea for the comfort of bettors at points of sale.


In 2015, PMU formalised its approach to stimulating internal innovation by creating IDbyPMU. It starts from a simple notion: we all have ideas, but we must feel we have the permission to share them and know how to do this.

IDbyPMU is a community that can be joined by all PMU employees. Everyone can post and share their ideas on an online platform, whether to improve the quality of life at work or propose a new commercial offer. Every 15 days, a committee meets to discuss all the ideas from employees and determines how best to follow up.


As part of its PMU 2020 strategic plan, PMU wanted to find ways in which it could best serve all bettors, be they experienced punters, neophytes, those who like to take their time, or those who want to place their bets as quickly as possible. Since all individuals are unique, there must be a PMU that speaks to every single one of them, whatever the occasion.

PMU has chosen to diversify its offering with three new approaches to horse race betting, three new point of sale concepts that draw upon their own distinguishing visuals and colour schemes, special offers and enhanced customer service, all with improved and enhanced technological content.