Support contemporary photography and emerging talents who make it live: that is the mission of PMU Carte blanche.

The PMU decided in 2009 to support young contemporary photography by participating in the creation of the BAL, a place in Paris dedicated to photography and created by Diane Dufour and Raymond Depardon.

This partnership also gave birth to the PMU Carte blanche: every year since 2010, the PMU supports the work of a professional photographer whose mission is to give an innovative, often unexpected insight in the world of horse racing and betting.

The winner has “carte blanche” to create in 4 months the images of the other PMU. 

Besides a 20,000 euros endowment, the winner enjoys an exhibition and the publication of a book by Filigranes Editions. Today, the PMU is a partner of the Picture Gallery of the Centre Pompidou, giving his patronage a new dimension and allowing the company an opening to a wider audience.