We are committed to promoting a gambling model centred upon the pleasure of gambling and protecting minors.

We also participate alongside associations and the medical sector in the prevention of excessive gambling behaviour.

Drawing upon its technological expertise, PMU ensures a secure, high quality offering for its customers.

A secure and controlled offering

Remote transactions, as well as those carried out at the points of sale, are continuously monitored in order to avoid any attempts at fraud. On pmu.fr, the technology used to record bets, remittance and payment are encrypted and highly secure. A confidential code chosen by bettors when opening their accounts is systematically demanded for account access. Frequent till checks are carried out at the points of sale (around 20,000 per year, of which 3/4 are performed randomly) and all significant winnings are accorded special monitoring.


Protection of personal data

Customer data is neither given nor sold to unauthorised third parties. Customers must agree in advance to receive commercial information from PMU’s partners. The payment of winnings remains confidential to protect customers, with winning bettors only receiving publicity if they agree to do so. Otherwise, anonymity is guaranteed.

As part of its commitments, taking a stance, PMU focuses on the responsible gambling approach.

Responsible communication

PMU’s advertising communication code provides a frame of reference for the messages transmitted, target audiences and promotional mechanisms set up. Advertising campaigns never suggest that winning is guaranteed and betting is by no means presented as a way of coping with financial difficulties. In its customer loyalty and acquisition initiatives, PMU avoids targeting gamblers recognised as vulnerable.


Involving employees

All PMU employees are made aware of the Responsible Gambling approach, either during the integration seminars for new employees or specific training sessions. Regular information on the subject is distributed to customer-facing employees and the POS network.


A responsible network

PMU advocates gambling in a controlled fashion, raising awareness and delivering training on this to POS managers. Their licence agreement testifies to this, incorporating a responsibility clause. The campaign ‘Let’s gamble responsibly! Responsible Gambling is everybody’s business’ is conducted throughout the year among the 12,800 licence holders.

PMU aims to encourage gamblers to be involved in controlling their gambling budget.

Self-limitation through gambling moderators

When gamblers open their Internet accounts, PMU requires them to regulate their gambling capacity by setting their own limits on how much they can deposit and commit towards betting.


Self-assessment of gambling practices

PMU has set up a self-assessment tool to allow gamblers to choose their Responsible Gambling values based on their gambling practices. This is not a tool to assist problem gamblers, but an educational tool. Customers answer a series of questions about their gambling practices in each gambling area, and the system displays the maximum value they should choose for each area. This tool is available: • to Internet users as part of the form used to open an account, when they must indicate their self-limiting Responsible Gambling values; • once punters have logged on, in the Self-Limitation section, where they are able to modify these values.


Direct deposit of winnings in a bank account

Gamblers determine the amount above which the winnings available on their gambling account should be automatically paid into their bank account.


Account closure

Bettors may, at any time, temporarily request their exclusion from gambling. To do this, they block the use of their account (paying in and placing bets). They can also permanently suspend their account, which is then closed immediately without the possibility of opening a new one before a 3 year timeframe has elapsed.


Support for big winners

PMU has set up a support system for bettors winning more than 150,000 Euros, to guide them in managing large amounts of money.

The protection of minors, established by PMU from 1948, is based on three main pillars: prevention, information and control.


The protection of minors is a fundamental principle of the communications code developed by PMU. Advertising and promotional campaigns never specifically address minors and avoid making reference to any child-related codes. The magazine for POS managers, Cheval Rouge, and the customer editions, also include these prevention principles.



The ‘Betting is from the age of 18’ icon appears, in particular, on the pmu.fr website, commercial information and betting tickets. 27,000 stickers are affixed each year to the betting machines, registration terminals and interactive betting stations.



All PMU websites are referenced in parental control software. Opening an account requires ID confirming the bettor’s age and customers must enter their date of birth every time they log in. POS managers and racetrack employees are encouraged to be especially sensitive to respecting this prohibition, which also features in the POS licence agreements.

Preventing the risk of addiction through information campaigns is a genuine service stance shared by all PMU employees and partners.

Identifying the approach

‘Let’s gamble responsibly’ is the identifier of the responsible gambling approach. This statement appears, in particular, on all betting tickets, websites, information documents and racetrack programmes.


Raising public awareness

Every year, more than one million copies of the brochure ‘Let’s gamble responsibly!’ are given to customers. This document encourages bettors to self-assess and move towards specialised support structures. In accordance with the legislation, warning messages about the risks of excessive gambling are inserted on pmu.fr and all commercial communications. Gamblers are also informed about the registration procedures for the national register of gambling access bans on the website’s home page.

PMU offers support and guidance to gamblers in difficulty who wish to get help through the appropriate structures.

Partnership with SOS Joueurs

Since 2003, PMU has supported SOS Joueurs, an independent association that aims to help gamblers in need, along with their families. The contact details of this association appear on all the responsible gambling information for bettors and on pmu.fr. In compliance with the current regulations, PMU’s commercial communications also indicate the national support number managed by INPES or provide a link to the website offering information and guidance to gamblers in difficulty: www.joueurs-info-service.fr.


Support for medical research

PMU takes action to promote the prevention of excessive gambling, supporting research projects and infrastructure developed by health professionals. PMU is a founding partner of the Reference Centre on Problem Gambling, the very first centre in France dedicated to gambling addiction. Created on the initiative of Nantes University Hospital in 2008, this centre develops research and also offers training on gambling addiction to doctors, socio-educational staff, psychologists and nurses.