While racing was born in the era of gentlemen, the principle of pool betting came a little later, the brainchild of a certain Joseph Oller: all the stakes would be put into a common pot and redistributed to bettors in full as winnings, according to the amounts they had put in. Initially allowed only on racetracks, it was in 1930 that these bets could be offered ‘in town’: Pari Mutuel Urbain was born.

As the 20th Century gave way to the 21st, PMU took advantage of technological innovations to provide even more services to its customers and enrich the betting experience. Since 2010, sports betting and poker online have also been part of PMU’s offering, allowing a new clientèle to discover the heart of PMU’s business, horse race betting.

Today, PMU is the leading operator of horse race pool betting in France, no. 2 for sports betting and no. 3 for poker.

– 2016 –

– 2015 –

My PMU, the new loyalty offering for offline bettors

In January, PMU unveils a new identity for its network of bettors: MyPMU. This brings together the world of offline betting under one name and encompasses the full range of service offered to POS account and AlloPari customers.


Separation of stake pools

PMU has separated its Internet activities from those of its points of sale, implementing the decision of the French Competition Authority. PMU is now able to offer its customers two distinct betting ranges, with different calculations of odds and dividend calculations.


Deployment of new POS concepts

In order to best address all punters, whether seasoned bettors or neophytes, PMU has chosen to diversify its offering for racing enthusiasts through three new POS concepts with their own differentiated visuals and colours, specific offerings and an enhanced customer service with high technological content.


Creation of PMU Brasil

In October, PMU signs a partnership agreement with Jockey Club Brasileiro (JCB) for the development of horse race betting in Brazil. PMU Brasil, a subsidiary of PMU, is created to manage horse race bets on behalf of JCB, market them in points of sale, online and by telephone, as well as produce and broadcast live racing footage.


PMU, majority shareholder of German Tote

On 27 August, PMU announces the signing of an agreement to become majority shareholder of German Tote, the leading German horse race operator, of which it has been a partner since 2003. This agreement demonstrates PMU’s commitment to developing German Tote’s activities in Germany and, through this, to accelerate its growth and strengthen its international presence.


Carte Blanche PMU at the Pompidou Centre

Carte Blanche PMU, which has supported creative photography and emerging talent since 2009, is now exhibiting at the Pompidou Centre’s photography gallery, giving PMU’s patronage a new dimension, open to a wider audience.


– 2014 –

The first international Quinté+

On 24 October, PMU offers Quinté+ for the first time on an international race, in Mons, Belgium. Thanks to a long-standing collaboration between PMU and Belgian horse racing, French punters at the 12,500 PMU outlets and on PMU.fr are able to join Belgian bettors in common pool betting on the specially named “Prix du premier Quinté+ international”.


Tiercé is 60 years old

Launched in Enghien on 22 January 1954, Tiercé celebrates its 60th anniversary in Cagnes-sur-Mer in 2014. Since its live broadcast on television in 1956, Tiercé has become a social phenomenon in France. This PMU star has ceded centre stage to Quinté+ but Tiercé remains in the hearts of bettors.


– 2013 –

First international acquisition with Eurotiercé

PMU makes its first acquisition abroad, purchasing control of Eurotiercé, the Belgian horse racing and sports betting operator. True to its role vis-à-vis the equine industry, PMU is committed to contributing to the development of the Belgian horse racing sector.

Launch of the Poker and Sport apps

2013 is the year of the mobile device, with PMU launching two applications, Poker and Paris Sportifs, enabling all gamblers to access their favourite online gaming platforms on all Android® and IOS mobile devices.

– 2012 –

Common pool betting on French races hits 3 new countries

From 19 March common pool betting on French horse races is offered in the United States, South Africa and Belgium, generating an additional turnover of 112 million Euros for PMU in 2012.

Opening of the 1st PMU City

On 5 January the first PMU City opens in Lyon, beginning PMU’s proprietary network of city centre venues entirely dedicated to horse racing in city centres.

– 2011 –

Record winnings

A French punter smashes the historical record winnings by taking a total of €10,552,350 on Quinté+.

Equidia sees double

The TV channel doubles up as Equidia Live for horse racing and Equidia Life for the equestrian world.

– 2003 –

Launch of PMU's online sports betting and poker

PMU now offers horse race betting on the Internet, along with accessible information and a community of bettors.

– 2001 –

Mobile betting

On 1 December, PMU launches Pariez spOt, which automatically selects horses for punters to bet on the Quinté, Quarté and Tiercé.

– 1999 –

Creation of the Equidia channel

Equidia is the first thematic channel dedicated entirely to the world of horses.

– 1997 –

First bets offered on foreign races

French punters can now bet on a selection of major international horse racing events.

– 1989 –

Launch of Quinté +

Following on from Tiercé and Quarté, PMU launches its new flagship bet, which will go on to win the hearts of punters and become the favourite form of betting among racing enthusiasts.

– 1954 –


The first Tiercé

In 1954, André Carrus invents a bet offering various levels of winnings. It incorporates the concept of order and disorder. The first Tiercé race takes place in Enghien on 22 January 1954. Its success in the 1960s makes it a French passion and it remains a national symbol.

– 1930 –

Creation of Pari Mutuel Urbain

The racing associations, the only organisations authorised by law to organise horse races and take bets, receive the authorisation to offer these bets outside the racetracks. They then create a common service: Pari Mutuel Urbain.

– 1891 –

Invention of pool betting by Joseph Oller

The law of 2 June 1891 ends the arbitrariness of bookmakers since it relies on a simple principle: bettors play against each other and the amounts put in play are shared among the winners.