Protecting consumers means guaranteeing them fair, transparent handling.

Pool betting
on horse racing

In pool betting, the operator has no financial interest in the race results. It is totally neutral. The stakes are distributed among the winners according to rules defined in advance that ensure equality between bettors.

The expertise
of recognised partners

PMU has selected referral partners with established expertise to develop its additional offerings: Paddy Power for sports betting and BwinParty for poker.

Both partners ensure that customers are protected by continuous monitoring of the transactions recorded. PMU manages its own single customer database for the three betting activities, strengthening the security of customer accounts.

Comprehensive and accessible information

Customers benefit from comprehensive information on their total potential winnings through display of odds, dividends and results, along with expert advice and statistics.


PMU is a historical player in the sports world and has the ambition to serve sport in general and the horse racing industry in particular.

Operating within
a regulated framework

PMU deploys its betting offering exclusively for the types of bets and disciplines authorised by ARJEL. PMU benefits from the oversight required for its activities and operates under the authority of the Ministry of Budget and Ministry of Agriculture.

Supporting the development
of sport through betting

PMU is a committed player within the world of sport through the financial support it gives to those disciplines upon which bets are proposed. Thus, for any bet offered on a sporting event in France, PMU pays a percentage of the stakes to the organising federation: this is the principle of the right to bet. Furthermore, a tax levy is collected on sports bets in favour of the CNDS (National Centre for the Development of Sport).

Maintaining the funding
of the horse racing industry

PMU capitalises upon the diversification of its activities to finance the horse racing industry. The entire net profit generated by its horse betting, sports betting and poker activities is returned to the equine industry, with 80{da1b105edc0d4fbb4d18a76ed6a3467ecdc2d55a4be4c30cfe623ab9a21773ca} of its funding coming from PMU. This essential economic responsibility is PMU’s primary mission.


Responsible Gambling is an integral element of PMU’s development strategy. This approach, based on shared responsibility, revolves around four pillars:

for customers and the general public

General information, best practices and gambling advice is available to punters and the general public at points of sale and may be download at PMU.fr.


Supporting research projects aimed at promoting awareness of the phenomenon of excessive gambling, along with the treatment and monitoring of individuals with gambling problems.

with stakeholders

Dialogue with civil society, the supervisory authorities and consumer associations on responsible gambling issues.

Employee and network

Customer-facing employees are trained to support all PMU.fr customers by offering gambling moderation counselling, as well as to best respond to excessive or pathological gambling demands.

Point of sale operators are trained in the ‘Responsible Gambling’ approach when initiating their business activities and throughout the year at the point of sale.