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With 13,200 points of sale throughout France, PMU constitutes a real and physical social network. Here, punters can exchange tips and forecasts and share their common passion, the emotion of the races, in a friendly environment.


At the end of 2015, PMU began renovating its point of sale network with 3 new concepts: PMU, happy PMU and PMU express, to match the desires of each customer type. PMU has also developed its own shops, PMU City, to offer the best of horse race betting, improving the technology used to place bets and the depth of race information available. There are now 22 PMU City shops located in the center of major French cities.


With 5 million punters, horse racing represents 91{da1b105edc0d4fbb4d18a76ed6a3467ecdc2d55a4be4c30cfe623ab9a21773ca} of the overall turnover of PMU, which is also the leading horse race pool betting operator in Europe and number three in the world.


The rich range of horse race betting is aimed at both enthusiasts and beginners. Quinté+ is the flagship bet, with a minimum of 1 million Euros to be won every day. In 2016, PMU launched Boost Ordre, which offers every Sunday €1,000,000 more to be shared between the winners of the Order. The Quinté +, PMU’s emblematic bet, unites all punters, from occasional to the most seasoned. 9 millionaires and 111 bettors earned more than 100,000 euros in 2016.


At the end of 2015, PMU had to separate its online and offline stake pools. At this point, a specific PMU.fr horse race offering was launched, e-paris (e-bets), duplicating the classic range. E-Quinte+, the only order-proposing 5-horse bet on the online market, also has a minimum of 50,000 Euros to be won online every day. Since January 2015, offline bettors have been able to benefit from a special loyalty programme: MyPMU.


At the end of 2016, bettors in points of sale discovered a brand new service: SMS betting. With a few clicks, they can now place their bets thanks to a keyboard developed by the PMU.


With Turfoot, launched at the beginning of 2017, PMU launched the first betting offer mixing sports and horse betting. This grid of 6 bets mixes simple bets on 1N2 races and bets on football games. In addition to the winnings associated with each match or race, it also allows to obtain a minimum prize of 5000 € to share between the bettors whose all bets prove themselves winners.


Finally in April, PMU launched the Simple Jackpot which allows turfists to multiply up to 1000 times their winnings by choosing a single horse.




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Every month, PMU Poker has guaranteed winnings of 2 million Euros, offering an average of 200 tournaments per day. With an increasingly diversified offer, the room now organizes online tournaments, such as FPC, whose prize pools exceed €1,250,000.

A World Poker Tour partner for 5 years, the room supplements its live offer by launching its own circuit, France Poker Open by PMU.fr which is declined in 5 national stages.


The good results of the Pro Team have also contributed to increase the notoriety of PMU Poker and to permanently anchor the brand in this universe. Erwann Pecheux is distinguished by his performances at the international level: with 41 ITM in 2016 (tournaments in which he earned money), he is one of the best French players. Yohan Guilbert aka Yoh_Viral, is the first Twitcher (French streaming service) on poker. The program, which is broadcast on a radio-free basis, brings together thousands of people each week. This trio is completed by Sarah Herzali, the feminine trump but dreaded at the tables.



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Since the opening of the French online gambling market in 2010, PMU has established itself as one of the undisputed leaders of sports betting, drawing on a dynamic and innovative offering designed to meet and exceed the expectations of bettors. Every day, PMU.fr offers over 5,600 bets on around thirty different sports, also available on smartphone, tablet and smartwatch through the PMU Sport application. Live betting, streaming videos, Cash Out, Turfoot … year after year, PMU innovates to develop a betting offer with ever greater emotion, pulsating with the rhythm of the greatest sporting events.



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